Craft Everyday Challenge - June 2011

Here is the landing page for the craft every day. The guidelines are simple.
1. Each day we create a new crafty item.
2. Craft is defined as anything handmade.
3. Let's try to blog about it at least once a week. (I'm going for a personal 3 post per week)

It's a really ambitious challenge for me but I would love for others to join in and participate with me. I will put up items for 2 giveaways to encourages others to join. The first group will be people who created 25-30 items during June. The second group will be for those who crafted 20-24 items in the month. If you qualify for the first one you can be in the second group for a chance to win as well.

I'll post pictures of the giveaway items here as well. Check back soon!

We can keep up a conversation thread on  the Friends of Froggy Ravelry group.