Friday, November 16, 2007

Is it over yet?

I don't always know. I had so much going on the last two weeks. The most stressful part is over though. I didn't get to go to Brooklyn for the Trunk Show but thats alright. As it turns out, we are a few hundred dollars short of making all of our bills. Then, we get a letter from GA Power stating that they have added a $150 dollar deposit due to our history of late payments. The real problem is that the damn rate of electric power goes up every month. I mean, think about it... If I had $150 dollars for the power company to hold in case I can't pay them, would I be letting my power bill get that far out. Don't thinks so. Large corporate companies are such pains in the ass. Speaking of.... tonights the last night for open enrollment. Have to pick my insurance plan for next year.
Later taters!

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