Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Get off the Internet?!

On occasion my husband finds articles on (unknown to me) geek sites. I feign interest, nod my head, smile and then ask him when he's helping inventory my crafting stuff. You know, so I can work towards my reality (or grandiose delusion) of being a small business owner. A few of these sites tend to stick around in the back of my head due to the constant cross over of craftiness to geekiness and vice versa.

One of these sites is BeaucoupKevin. Okay, Okay, you got me. Truth is... I don't think about these sites. I just remember that my husband frequents them in that weird lurker sort of fashion. You know the one... "I enjoy that post it was funny" or "He doesn't really know what he is talking about, I think he makes it up" or Some of the commenter's on this blog should be shot." Well, I made up that middle one but just try to keep up with me. One day I got the "come over here and read this, I think you'll find it interesting." (Commence eye rolling action as I leave the comfort of my Etsy chat room, forums, Project Wonderful, Yahoo group reading... okay, lurking and various and sundry.) So I take the long (6 foot) walk over to the other computer in the house and I am introduced to this website.

What's so interesting about Get off the Internet is that it has a no holds barred snarky take on everything. Better yet, it snarks on those being a bit too overzealous for common sense to kick in. You know, those you think should just "step away from the computer." They have several categories that they post under including one for us crafters. Hard to believe anyone could pick on us but if it can be done, they will do it. That's alright though, so far there is no "Etsy" category but there is one for Ebay. Kinda surprising with the things I've seen people posting in Etsy's (public) forums.

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