Sunday, June 22, 2008

Star Who or Doctor Trek ... Craft Crossovers

You know, there are probably some purist out there who are going to complain about butchering the names of a couple of the greatest sci-fi programs in history. Well tough!

This weeks crossover (and I use the term "week" loosely) is all about being like the greatest of the great sci-fi heros Doctor Who and any of those Star Trek guys. I'll go ahead and admit I'm not a big Star Trek fan even though Benjamin Sisko was something nice to look at. (Not to mention when he went for the bald headed/goatee combo, yummy.) But these days my fancies tend to run towards the opposite spectrum... men like James May from Top Gear. (Also, my husband occasionally reads what I write and its a running gag. My attraction for older, hobby obssesed white guys knows no bounds apparently. Even verging on fellows from different countries who are nearing 20 years my age. What would my parents think!)

Oh, but I digress... this is about the part of all of us that wants to grow up to be like Tom Baker and William Shatner. This is for the part of us that doesn't let being an adult ruin all our dreams and fantasies. This is for the crafty geek in all of us!

First up is something for the knitting crowd. On more than one occasion my husband has mentioned the Doctor Who scarf site. I secretly thing he wants me to make one of these for him so he can parade around the house pretending to be a Time Lord. But I thought this site was really neat because they offer knit patterns to make look alike Dr. Who scarves with no intentions of making any profit. The website owner shares his knowledge and even has a place to show of scarves that others have knitted. Of course, all good things come with a downfall. With the new BBC crackdowns, no one knows what will happen. Since the site is not for profit one can only hope that it can stay around. At least for a little while longer.

On the other hand, if you prefer a little clothing construction then you might want to visit the Star Trek uniform site. This site is a comprehensive guide to making a wearable Star Trek Uniform. Besides, who doesn't want to look like James T. Kirk or Spock.
Now if you happen upon a Sisko look alike, send me a picture. I'm all over a chance to drool.

Hmmm... I may have to make that scarf for my husband to make up for this post. I'll have to think about it.

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