Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CPAP Strap Cushions

Being newly diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, I was pleasantly surprised to find accessories on Etsy for the CPAP machine. Since my apnea is mild I have the option of using the CPAP or taking alternative routes... i.e. losing weight. Well, sadly I was supposed to lose weight 4 years ago when I took the first sleep study. Instead of losing the suggested weight, I gained it. Now I am tired all the time, falling asleep at work, struggling with lack of energy, focus and sometimes motivation.

When the doctor first said that I only had mild apnea I was relieved but I couldn't imagine what someone with severe apnea must feel like. So with that in mind I chose the CPAP option. The good thing about this is that its not a permanent solution. Once I lose enough weight I may not need to use it any more.

This weekend I have my follow up study to fit me for the CPAP machine. I'm really nervous about this but everyone I speak to states its a really positive experience. With that in mind I am already plotting new reasons to treat myself to goodies. In fact, I was in chat one night and a seller called RecycledBootyBags was there. I poked around her shop and to my surprise found this section. Now should I have any issues with the straps on the machine, I can buy these cute little covers and all is solved. It may not be an original idea (I dont know if it is or isnt) but it certainly is a little stroke of genius.

Here is my personal favorite in her shop:

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Recycled Booty Bags said...

Sweetie-thank you for your mention about my cushions! I really appreciate it. All my best with your apnea. You might check out for more info. Its a lot of hoseheads who love to share info!

Thanks again, Christine