Monday, December 22, 2008

No Sew No show...

So I was totally going to blog about the "no sew" fleece blanket my son and I made yesterday. Then the sky sorta fell open this afternoon. As it turns out, a couple of weeks ago we made some prerequisite calls to the last known location of currently estranged relatives. Per the lawyer part of the adoption process is making an attempt to contact the birth parent. Well wouldn't you know it, her aunt was able to contact her and she called. She even wanted to speak to TheBoy. We were very hesitant but let him call her back for a couple of minutes. What else were we supposed to do? So now with the holidays upon us we have to wait for the next step. The lawyer is closed this week, his counselor is closed this week..... so right now we're doing what we can to keep him distracted. Just letting him talk about it some and letting him veg out some too.

Tomorrow I will blog the blanket... he is really excited about being a blog post. Kids are so sweet.

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