Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, I feel productive.

I changed the blog to a 3 column layout using this guide. (I could use help centering the header though...) Then I created a label based on the header up there. Also, I fixed my resume to be up to date. This is all since the whole layoff thing and no, I haven't actually applied for a job. I am in no means wanting the job I had or anything similar to that again. I just don't know what option that leaves me to look for. Everybody says we should be so happy to have a job in this economy, but at what cost? That's what's really bothering me at the moment. Why should I be mentally and sometimes physically stressed over my work. Psst, don't think so!

On a different note I need to work on updating the blog more often. I'm on Twitter several times a day but it's still a week or more between posts. Plus, I'm at home. Can't ask for more than that can I?

My next post will touch on the Sales to Shipping process. Until then.....

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