Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breaking with Symmetry

I have a horrible, horrible secret. Well, I guess its not much of a secret since I started the title of this post talking about it. I lean toward symmetry. All these beautiful art yarns and fiber batts elude me. I don't think anything is wrong with them, in fact I think they are downright creative. However, I never feel quite right when I break the rule of symmetry. (Everyone is thinking "what rule?" well its more a guideline that keeps everything looking neat and "normal" for me.)

The rule of symmetry is something people learn at a young age. I remember being in kindergarten and having to draw a heart for valentines. When I couldn't get it just right the teacher showed me how to fold the paper in half, draw one side of the heart and cut along the line. Perfect! One side looked exactly like the other. Only, that's not even what a heart looks like! I didn't know it at the time so I happily trod along with my art project.

Since those days I have tried various things to break the hold that symmetry has on my life. I even thought about poking out an eye... but that felt too extreme. I already wear glasses, I don't need to be missing an eye and wearing a monocle over the other just to see. (Disclaimer: This is a joke... I'm not crazy.... mostly not crazy anyway.) So now I think I've started on my way to breaking the life long belief that symmetry has to exist. Maybe.

This is Princess Goldilocks' Precious Cupcake. I made this using Rambouillet roving purchased from my friend Sayra at Atomic Blue and mohair locks purchased from Split Rock Ranch on Etsy. I had fun while I was spinning this which is always a good thing. Each roving was spun into a single and then while I plied them I added in the mohair locks by tucking them between the plies and pulling them down through the yarn. The yarn is a total of 94 yards and probably fairly bulky. I'm tickled. Perhaps this is the start of my less than symmetrical creative life!

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Sandy & the sheep said...

What a great post! Congrats on sneaking out of 'the box'!