Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everyday Yarn Day 2

So, I thought since I was trying to push myself to spin more it should be a natural connection to blog more as well. One of the *many* things that I regret not doing more of is writing. I don't know why but I could write a mean paper. On the other hand, I like blogging because it has a bit more personal and informal touch. So I will try to write everyday to show what progress I made in the spinning challenge (and anything else that comes to mind.)

Day Two's yarn was more of an unfinished object than it had any right to be. It was originally spun at one of our Second Sunday gatherings and I had every intention to ply it with thread. Then I got home and started wishing that I had core spun it... should have thought of that before I went to town though. So I took this off the bobbin, wound it into a ball and wondered if there was a way to unspin it into a thread and make it a corespun yarn. After that I just forgot about it. Until today.

Today I was searching through my "misc" bin of fiber related goods. Basically, its a big bin of things that I have used or purchased that hasn't found a permanent residence anywhere. (Or as my mom would say... that I hadn't put away.) I looked at a bunch of fibers that one of the ladies was destashing at the spinning group and realized that I still had this ball of blended, glitzed, thick and thin handspun. Then I sorted through another bin and found some embroidery thread. SCORE!

Now for the result...

The top yarn is approx 49 yards (pre-set). The bottom was what remained when I ran out of thread so I just plied the remaining yarn back on itself. It's a little tadpole of love. =D

(At the end of the month I will try to upload better pictures of my yarns. I usually end up spinning at night so my pictures are not as nice as I would like them to be.)

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