Sunday, April 19, 2009

The odd things you realize...

...when you go to a spinning group meeting. I had an epiphany today.

We were all enjoying a late spinning group this month due to the Easter holiday and luckily one of our regular spinning buddies was able to make the meeting this month. Catching up on past events I mentioned the accident we had and the fact that I got laid off from my last job in a pretty nonchalant sort of manner. I hadn't put much thought into it but November to January happened very quickly. Of course, anyone who knows me can tell you I was more shaken up by the car accident then the job situation. Sure, the economy is lousy and we don't have a bundle saved up... but really whatcha gonna do? A little later I was talking with the same spinning friend and mentioned that my birthday had just past and that I was really excited this year. Seriously, this has been the first year in several that I have truly and honestly been excited about my birthday. (I'm really looking forward to 30 next year!)

That's when it hit me... staring me right in the face for the last 3 months. I am 100% happy more than I have been in years. Those two jobs that were a bad fit just sucked the life from me and I don't want that to happen again! I recently started looking for a job again... somewhat seriously anyway and found myself immediately sucked back into applying for the same type of job I just left. How crappy is that. Its like this great fall back but in 2 years or less I will be unhappy again. So now I am running wild in my head trying to figure out just how I can possible keep this feeling. How can I make it last longer. I'm happier (and by proxy my husband and son are happier. =P) The only problem is that life doesn't run on happiness, we need funds to make it go. So... now to brainstorm!

For the fiber folks, I have spent the last 3-4 days spinning the roving below. Its coming along well but now I am stuck. When I made the roving my idea was for it to be a semi-striping single to knit or crochet. Now I'm thinking I should ply it... then I saw the lovely coils on the Ravelry forum and thought... this will make great coils. ARGHHHH! I can't decide. So, lets take a poll, what do you think?


primdollie said...

Oh now that is hard! I love the colors and the single as it is really! that said haven't tried coils and not sure if that would be fun too or not?? can you use it then and have enough for your project?? or leave as is and do your project?? oh and happy you are out of the yucky job! I am hoping will have one next school year so like mine just want to keep it!! hang in there and don't go back to the yucky one been there done that! hugs Linda

Esther said...

Coils COILS!! I'm always down for coils! I have some on the wheel now!

Anonymous said...

How about navajo ply it? :)