Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 11th Wesleyan Market and Pepper

I have to say I am pretty proud of FroggyFibers. Its always a work in progress and it has it ups and downs. However, getting to sell your product in person is just awesome. This past Saturday Mr Froggy and I spent 5 hours in the heat. (Mr Froggy has the sunburn to prove it.) We attended our first ever Wesleyan Market. While there I spent a large portion of the time spinning to help draw in customers. We plan to go back for the next one which is sad cause it may be the last one of the season. =( It was so much fun though and I sold a few things but we forgot to take the camera so there are no pictures to attest to my good fortune and fun.

Instead I will show everyone our new puppy!

This is Pepper. She is a lovely dog about 3 months old and as cute as a button. My in-laws had a neighbor with this dog and both me and TheBoy would jump out, leave the car running and pet the dog through the gate. One day the owner was outside while we were petting her and I casually said if you ever need to let her go we'll take her off your hands. Well last week as we were dropping TheBoy off at his grandparents (the day before market) the guy walked up to the car and asked us if we still wanted her. Goodness, TheBoy was happy. Turns out that his 16 month old was scared of the dog and he wanted the dog to get more attention then she was getting at his home. So now Pepper is our dog and we get to pet on her all the time. We are pleased as punch! (But don't worry all our yarnie friends. She is kept separate of the store supplies and inventory.)


becca.elpy said...

Ohmigoodness, howcompletelyadorable! haha. hi, pepper!

lisa/poppy flower fibers said...

This is so great, and Pepper is so cute!!!! I lucked out with one of my dogs that way. This couple had THREE toddler boys and the parents could not deal with all the activity stirred up b/w the boys and the pup, so the pup became mine. Sounds like Pepper was meant to be yours. :)