Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekend at the Market

This weekend my husband and I spent the day representing Froggy Fibers at the Wesleyan College Market. We had a good deal of fun even though it was sweltering hot, humid and threatening rain. This time I did get pictures!

Here is the whole table shot with my Babe DT Production.

Here is my sheep complete with button necklace

Handspun Yarns bottom, Hand dyed sock yarn middle and a knit and fleece tie blanket

Hand dyed Wool top (of many colors!)

Bagged Batts!

Newsletter sign up sheet and business cards

Spinning in Action!

I've learned from the 2-3 times I have done something like this that the crowd is really drawn in by spinning in progress. You don't always get a customer but sometimes you get a good conversation and that can be just as much fun. I also realize after last time and this time that I need to work on a "proper" display. I want something to draw in the customers visually with highs and lows. (I found a couple of big baskets at Goodwill that I plan to fix up and incorporate into the next market.) Also, I am going to search for a good craft banner tutorial so I can have some pretty signage up too. Don't know what the banner will look like but it will be pretty, darnit! =D Craftster here I come!


vintagepix said...

How great that you can demo the spinning and show potential customers "Yes, it's really hand-spun!" Hope the weather held and you made some sales -thanks for visiting my blog!

SewMamaLady said...

I would love to find somewhere local to sit and spin in public. There are a few art festivals in the Spring time here. I may have to check them out. Thanks for sharing your experience! & Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. :)