Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am so happy to have a chance to sit down and post about my new goodies. Up first, I purchased 5 pounds of uncoated coopworth wool from Homestead Wool and it arrived on the Tuesday. It really is just as nice as it looks on the site.

Look at that crimp!

Then Wednesday I finally conquered my fear and purchased a pair of rotary cutters and mat. I don't do alot of fabric cutting so I just stuck to Walmart. I've been really scared about getting the rotary cutters because of my nine year old and I can be rather clumsy sometimes. =P

I plan to take a few scrap fabrics to practice on then make a couple of fleece tie blankets. Hopefully my lines will get a little straighter now. I'll even have to break out the sewing machine again and continue to practice my stitches.

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AlpacaFarmgirl said...

That looks like a lovely fleece! Have fun with it.