Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fancy Spindle!

Today I sucked up any pride I thought I had and went to the DFCS to ask for some assistance during my unemployment. (Which is by far longer then I expected but even that's hard to say because I don't know what I expected...) Since we have to drive our son to school my husband dropped me off and picked me up when I was through. Graciously (and in an effort to have something to do) he went by our PO box to check the mail. Guess what!

I got a new fancy spindle!

Someone of Ravelry was destashing and I yanked up this Graftons Fibership. It's my first fancy spindle, my others being an Ashford Student top whorl, a Louet bottom whorl and a half dozen hand assembled toy wheel spindles. I'm quite pleased and believe this will only encourage me to spindle more. It is especially good for laceweight so I can practice my patience as well. Completely made my day when he handed me the box as I got in the car. I love that man, he is totally awesome!

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