Thursday, January 28, 2010

Make & Meaning

I haven't blogged in over a week because every time I opened up the blog I wanted to vent or rant or whine. Very Literally. And that's not cool. Its fine for people to occasionally talk about things that are going wrong but that's not the place I was in so I didn't feel it fair to those who read the blog to listen to that. I can't really say that I am in a much better place but I really want to write a little post to share some goodness I stumbled on to.

I can often be found perusing my Twitter feed on any given day. The other day whilst I was perusing a link was put up by the fabulous Kim Werker or perhaps the equally fabulous, Diane Gilleland I honestly can't remember. It doesn't really matter which 140 character twitter turned me on to this site. What does matter is the content that is being produced on the site. It is absolutely fabulous. (I need a new word... lets say Wonderful!)

Obviously I have you hanging by a thread because I haven't told you what site I am talking about yet. (Oh No! don't look at the title, I forgot I wrote it there.... just stay with me.) The site is called Make & Meaning and is jam packed with great conversational articles about making things and the meanings behind it.
There are probably ten million conversation that can be had on any topic. You certainly could have a million conversations on the meaning behind being able to create.

So I RSS'd this into my Google reader immediately and I will tell you why. There is a genuine feeling of openness to this site. There is no feeling of the many assumptions rampant in crafting nowadays. It's not about how to make a million dollars selling your craft. Its about how being and crafting and making affects people.

At least that's what I see in it.
I could be wrong.
I suggest you take a look for yourself.
Make and Meaning: Creative Community in Conversation

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