Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things that make me happy

I went to my son's school yesterday to speak for black history/careers day presentation. I had actually done a career day for his school middle of January but I agreed to do it again. Last time I was supposed to present for my son's class but a "mix up" in communication caused them to be at the art teacher when the should have been at the presentation.

Yesterday I got the chance to speak to his class about spinning. He was very excited and wanted to talk about it all the way to school. I was less enthusiastic. I didn't want to do this. I felt ambushed by the teacher at the last minute and that morning my husband had tooth pain so bad he couldn't come to help. I dropped my kid off to school and grabbed breakfast at a local fast food chain. I felt pathetic as I sat eating my chicken biscuit. Still, I didn't chicken out. My son was expecting me.

Once I got to the school I walked in and realized the organization wasn't the greatest. Once most of the presenters got there we were given a tour by the student ambassadors (e.g. fifth graders.) Then we went to the class to present. There was already a presenter in the room when I arrived and I was in no rush to get in the room. Then another presenter showed up and walked in while I sat across from the door. Still, no rush to get in. But eventually she finished talking and I had to.

I went into the room carrying my wheel and the kids started to stare. They had gotten quite rowdy because their teacher was organizing the event and couldn't be in the room. I failed to get everyone's attention but the room mom had just gotten there and she could. I summed up all my courage, took a deep breath and talked about what I did.

When everything was said and done, all the kids seemed really interested. I spent all this time really nervous about talking. I felt like I was just another kid talking in front of the class and they would judge me. (Yes, the 4th graders who are 20 yrs younger than me...) In the end they all wrote really nice cards thanking me for coming and that just made my day. I know they did that for every person but they seemed to genuinely like hearing about what I did.

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