Thursday, March 4, 2010

Low Cost Tips from the Lilypad #4

Today, a quick and easy tip for any messy medium.

Over the last 6 months or so after washing clothes I have discovered towels that have aged beyond repair. Mostly towels with multiple small wholes and large tears. So instead of throwing them out I decided to put them to good use.

The first thing I did was use the towels to soak up water. Since I live in a small house I often dyed my wool and leave it hanging on a wooden laundry rack. However, no matter how much you try the wool will drip water and the last thing you need is water puddles on the floor. Then later I got a bit smarter in my old recycled towel use. Now, whenever I sort my fiber I will often lay out old towels to pick the fiber over. Since I do small scale picking I can grab my bundle(s) and sit in front of the TV while working. Mostly I'm listening to what's on the TV but it keeps me entertained and focused. This also makes for easy for cleaning up all the fiddly veggie matter and dirt that falls out. Just ball up the towel and shake it out outside (or over the outside trash can.)

Try using old towels as a drop cloth for painting sessions or clay work. Keep the water in check when wet felting and keep the sticky guck (for lack of a proper term) in check when working with papier-mâché. Finally, don't forget kids craft time. It's always better if they decide to decorate the towels then the tables or the walls!

Do you know a great low cost crafty tip? Something you want to share to make crafting easier without breaking the pocketbook? Please email me at (using all the necessary email symbols and removing the periods) and I will add it as a post on the blog. Be sure to give me a link to your blog or store so you can get credit. If I get enough I will start posting a new one each week or biweekly.

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