Saturday, May 7, 2011

By The Wayside

Recently in my life I realized that I have neglected things. I seem to be good at that overall. Nothing criminal or anything. (My child is perfectly safe, ya know.) However my crafting suffers. Honestly I've always had tons of ideas in my head that never get produced. Sometimes, that's just because I do not have the skills to move forward with the idea. (Seriously, I'm that annoying person who can always come up with another way something could be done or how it could be done better. At least in theory.)

However, for the better part of 6 months or so I feel like I've been completely craft stagnant. I know that there are a lot of reasons for this happening. For example: we are in the process of the eventual move. This move was sprung on us 2 months before the Christmas holiday and pitched as something that we would have to do by year end. Now, 6 months and counting later we are still here and waiting to move. (There is good and bad that happened in between that explains this but it is a really long story.) In addition to (or possibly because of) all the drama , it seems my depression has kicked it up a notch. *sighs* Old faithful friend depression.

So that sorta brings me to here. I've totally become lost. Sometime during this period I announced that I was going to place Froggy Fibers on "hobby status." Meaning, I would create and update as I could. Problem is that this is not what I really want. Next problem is I'm in a long term crafting funk. (And having all my crafting items packed up does not help.) So please excuse me for being off the beaten path and probably slightly off kilter. I don't blog like I want to, even though I enjoy sitting down to post things. I also don't craft like I need to at the moment. These things have become tedious and painful to do mentally and so they never get done physically. I don't know when I will cross the bridge and coast to the other side of this. That's the hard part. The easy part is... well I'm not sure there is an easy part yet.

Wow, what a crappy way to end a post. Since I couldn't come up with pleasant words I will end with a friendly photo.

Good thoughts to everyone, no matter your place in life!

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