Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marking things off...

I have started marking things off my list slowly but surely. I have been researching the Zen Cart shopping cart program. My goal is to take my domain and make it into a second place to sell and my primary referenced site. (Meaning that I would say come visit first instead of come visit
I have no real reason for this except to that I have always intended too. I have put out a lot of money monthly and haven't utilized the space properly. Its really that simple for me. I know however that there is a lot of growing frustration with Etsy and every time the site goes down it gets worse. I want to be a serious business someday (brick and mortar too!) So I am working really hard at learning everything I can. The main problem is that right now I have to teach myself everything. I know there are places I can go that wont cost a lot or at all, but I'm not quite ready for the formal training. Its a good thing that I liked a good challenge and learning new things though.
Anyone have experience with Website Shopping Carts?

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