Friday, July 20, 2007

Family Night

I am pretty excited today. The Mister, TheBoy and I are all going out to the movies tonight. We agreed early on in the summer that TheBoy could pick one of the half a dozen "sworn to be a blockbuster hit" movies and that we would all go watch it at the theater. He choose Transformers. (Of course he did, he's seven and they change from really cool robots to really cool other things.... really, who wants to watch a rat on the big screen anyway. I mean besides me, we all know that PIXAR movies kick butt.) So in order to conserve some of our funds we are hitting the theater directly after work, re: 4:30 matinee time. Then we will proceed to waste that money on theater food junk at the concession stand. Afterwords we intend to eat at the Mexican restaurant in front of the theater. Of course the restaurant will be packed with people either coming from the movie or waiting for their movie to start. This place is pretty good about getting people seated though so we have to see. The only reason I eat at true Mexican restaurants is for the white cheese dip. Other than that, not a whole lot that I will eat on the menu. (Never figured out why either.) After the movie he gets to stay up as late as he can. We promised him one day this summer to stay up late but figure with the excitement of the movie the longest he can last would be midnight. Here's hoping.
Anyway, this was an, "I'm really excited post!" I find it really cool to do things together as a family. Its not something we did when I was a kid probably becuase there was seven of us. The real challenge will be for me not to get into a fuss with my son. I think he may be more hard-headed than me and that just makes for serious ugliness sometimes.

I'll be doing a project progress report update later tonight.

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