Saturday, July 21, 2007


Here are a few rovings I have completed recently. These are going into kits. I liked the brown-gold-dark gray one so much that I made more to spin myself.

The picture is a little dark since it was indoor with a incandescent light but they are much brighter and nicer looking.


On a non-spinning/crafting note, our family outing was pretty good. The movie was nice but it slowed somewhere in the middle. As my husband said, you could have cut out about 15 minutes of movie. Other than that: graphics were great, actors were tolerable, fighting was pretty awesome. The only thing that really got me was the amount of language. While I know TheBoy has been exposed to obscene amounts of foul language when he lived at his birthmom's, we keep that kind of thing to a strict minimum. If I had the chance to watch the movie first, I would probably not have taken him to see it. Outside of excessive foul language the movie was pretty good. None of that crazy sexual innuendo, "normal" amounts of violence but mostly between the fictional characters, and a bit too much language. This was a PG-13 movie but that seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Even a thirteen year old shouldn't hear cursing every fifth sentence. Basically, even the Transformers cursed.
After the movie wasn't so smooth but went okay. We ended up doing sushi for dinner. We sat at the Mexican Restaurant for 15 minutes before the lady (the same one who took our name) asked what are name was again. She couldn't find it on her magical list but she had already sat the people who came in directly before us and possible the people who came in directly after us. The Mister told her we had been there for like fifteen minutes but she couldn't find our name. So she proceeds to say she doesn't think that we had been there fifteen minutes and re-write our name on the list. That didn't sit well with me at all. I was upset about how you could tell someone that they hadn't been there as long as someone who they walked in the door directly behind who was already seated. We got up and left.
Sushi was better anyway.

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