Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Swaps and Stuff

I did some swaps a week or so back on crafter.org. I got a lot of great stuff from my swap partners including lots of ribbons, some beads and some really cool elements to use for collaging. I am really excited about getting a chance to work with all of it. Hopefully I will have time soon. I also want to get more stuff up in my shop. I have been letting my items expire and not renewing them. I really want some more, fresh items and not just letting the same stuff sit in the store. OF COURSE, what would be really great is if I had regular sales. That kind of thing comes with time though. I fully expect with some of the changes that I am instituting in my like I will get to a point where I have more time to focus more on the things I want for the store. Like a newsletter.... had that thought today, I total miss running my own newspaper. With a nice template and some good material I know I could be back in the swing of writing things in no time.

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