Saturday, October 27, 2007

Resolving Dilemmas....

I am not always so great about resolving tough dilemmas. Unfortunately, I seem prone to having them lately. My latest little issue is spinning related. I came up with a super cool idea for using my older, less experienced handspun yarn. (How often do you get that combination in the same sentence.) The idea is fantastic if I do say so myself. It combines a myriad of arts and solves a problem all at once. Seriously, don't make me do a list.

Well, in solving a problem, I have created another problem for myself. I ran out of yarn. I knew I didn't have much, but I guess I imagined my project much smaller then it is. Or perhaps I imagined the yarn as much more than it was. I mean, this is two year old, first or second time plying yarn.

So now I need a solution. So far the only one I have come up with is to spin some more of the fibers that I made the first yarn with. (Lucky that it was one of my forays into buying, washing and spinning your own alpaca fibers.) The real problem with this is I can't spin thick enough. But wait! This is a two ply yarn, just spin and then ply it. NO. No good. While I can increase the width of my single enough to make a similar sized two ply, the single is also FAR to consistent.

Well, now I am thinking that I should 3 ply it. But that really wouldn't solve anything would it? This all leaves me terrified that I will spin the remaining however many ounces of fiber that I have, ply it into a two spun and begin knitting it onto the started project..... only to find out that the difference is notable. My soul salvation is that I plan to felt the finished project and think that maybe.... just maybe the felting will cover up any minute differences.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of the trouble.

This is the Work in Progress:

Here is a sample of the 2 year old yarn:

(This is near the end of the yarn so its more even and consistent then the front.

And here is the fibers that I am working on spinning up now:

The thickness is probably best noted on that right hand corner. I'm also a little afraid that I will lose a portion of the yarn in plying. It had been a while since I spun this fiber (from the lock) and the first portion is fuzzier and a bit looser.

If any spinners or felters out there have any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

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