Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Man, I need to write more often!

I have so many things going on right now its difficult to keep my head on. Sadly, a girl's gotta get her beauty sleep so I have to stick to fitting everything into the earlier hours in the day.

So this is whats happening.

1st- This Monday marked the first day of weekly updates for the Froggy Fibers store. (It was supposed to be last week but I was still exhausted from the craft show.)

2nd- I am working on my first project from handspun yarn. Its one of my first, early balls of yarn. I plan to make a felted purse out of it. I'm a little intimidated though since I dont think I will have enough yarn to make it as large as I want. I also think it would be pretty difficult to try to mimick the style of yarn I made 2 years ago. But, I'm knitting that up on a size 13 needle and will take a picture of it tonight to put up.

3rd- I am helping organize and plan the EtsyFAST trunk show. It's going to be a big event of all things fiber arts at the EtsyLabs in Brooklyn. (check out the FAST blog for more details.) We are planning a teamwide sale, online chats and a contest in the weeks preceeding the event. I am really excited but its very hard to keep it all together. (Damn full time job =P)

4th- I am in the process of cleaning up the EtsyFast group as a whole. We really want more focus and participation and for all members to feel a part of the group. However, its already 250 people large with more wanting to join everyday. To combat this, we have temporarily stopped membership approvals to the group. Adding more people doesn't make a whole lot of since when you aren't getting much done anyway. The main problem is I need to get the group re-opened to the public at large by the time of the show... really before the show, but thats a whole other story.

Anyways, I will update more and I will try to post some pictures tonight. (I'm doing this all from work so pictures are a no-no.... well, typing this is a no-no but I am on lunch so nah!)

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