Sunday, January 27, 2008

Library Finds....Father Brown Shears his Sheep: A Yarn about Wool

I have to say this was perhaps the neatest find during our recent library outing. It's a little children's book about a farmer who decides to shear his sheep. His sheep however are none to happy about it. It is delightful to read and the pictures are true to the reality of spinning. (i.e. the spinning wheel picture is drawn accurately. It helps that the artist is a spinner as well.)

I really got a huge kick out of the fact that it was my husband who picked up the book. We grabbed the elevator from the third floor and he spotted it dead on. I was like, "neat" and preceded to get in the elevator. My husband preceded to tuck the book under his arm.
In short, all about shearing and carding and washing and spinning and (yes) knitting! Its just adorable and simple. Father Brown shears his Sheep is probably and great book for the times your 2-5 yr olds look at you like your crazy or wants to know where fiber comes from.

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