Saturday, January 12, 2008

Playing with Fire... uh, I meant Fiber!

I finished a little project I set for myself to spin a non-wool yarn. I was pretty excited about it too. Its dyed tussah silk, carded with glitz, bamboo coils and sari silk handspun then plied with a matching nylon thread. Would you believe those are the same colors I dyed this yarn with? It's interesting how different fibers take dyes so differently. I would love opinions, tell me what you think!

This here is something I hope to get posted to the store later tonight. I took bits and pieces of fibers and created a eclectic fiber sampler mix. These are a random selection of fibers from my personal stash intended for the adventurous type. Basically, for those who want to feel touch and try a bunch of fibers but have no intentions of buying several ounces at a time.

Lots of fibers, uncarded bamboo, angora, corriedale, and coopworth to name a few. I'm thinking it will be good for a felter who just needs a few accouterments or a spinner who wants to card bits of color into things. Plus, taking the picture with a basket was cool! (ummm, no basket is not included!=P)

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Alpaca Granny said...

I think your nonwool skein is lovely. I'm not recommending it though - Buy Alpaca! ☺
I've tried some alpaca samples at shows and the only ones that I've had luck selling are individual 1 ounce packages. In fact, I'm almost out. In fact, I should go put some together - right now.