Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Knitting is like watching paint dry

***Edited to add pictures on 2/20/08*****

Or more aptly, watching a skein of handspun and/or handdyed yarn dry. Today, at work I took the time to get in my allowed breaks. During this time I stayed off the office internet and picked up my knitting needles. Yes, I am still working on the same second sock that I started last November. Don't worry though, its not second sock syndrome. It's I don't have time to do anything let alone knit a sock syndrome! Well, that's probably not very true. I do have time but can often be found loafing around on the internet doing "something."
So, I was working on my sock and thought, for all the progress I felt like I was making, I sure didnt get anywhere. How sad is that.
Anyway, I'm off to grab a shower before bed and watch some paint dry knit. Sorry I don't have any pictures today. Tommorrow, for sure! (Including the 1/2 inch I will knit before bed tonight.)

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Alpaca Granny said...

Why do socks seem to go so slowly? At least for me - hats,scarves, and even sweaters seem to go faster.
My sock history - one finished pair for husband and 3 that don't have a match. ☺