Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Momma's got a brand new bag!

I got my sewing machine working and gosh darnnit I need to use it. So I pulled out some fabric that I had and put together a carry bag. It will serve to carry my crafty goods from place to place. I think it will be so cute.

The flower is not attached. I don't know where to place it and I have to wash the dye out of the fabric. I think that would be a safer way to go. The flower will definitely go at an angle but I'm not sure what side.

The inside will have a flat section to it. I may actually have to find something like cardboard to give it a stiff bottom. Certainly up for ideas in that area.

I'm very happy with this project. If all goes well I'll do some more practicing. I get very frustrated when it doesn't go well and it gets very discouraging. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping it goes well.

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