Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's been... week since you looked at me, threw your hands in the air and said I'm angry!

It's a Barenaked Ladies song. I love the Barenaked Ladies. It's funny how time can fly from one day to the next. Sometimes my weeks fly by and other times its like molasses. This week has been a little difficult for us. TheBoy has been but on an anxiety medication as needed. This is supposed to allow him to get back to doing some school work but no one wants to push the issue. So this week was going to be a slow build to a regular schedule. Some days worked out okay, like Math and Science days, and other days were harder... like history today.

What really makes it difficult is that I have to be at work and can't really help. I just listen to the fustration my husband expresses and feel bad. Its so hard to understand exactly what occured when TheBoy lived with his mom. In fact, since he started counseling last November a lot more is coming to light. But its sad. My boy was young, he didnt understand the things around him but was supposed to learn what type of person to be. Some worthless idiot would hit on him, his brother would hit on him with no recourse, his mom was so sorry by the end that she wallowed in her own self pity. But every other weekend he got to visit his dad and me and he loved it. He hated going back "home." Now, almost two years later there are so many problems that you would never imagine.

Really, I dont know how things will shake out in the long run but his father and I are very dedicated to getting TheBoy where he needs to be. It's just so tiring at times with the fear of recession and all. Sometimes you just don't know what to do. Anyway, thats my "real life" moment. I have these once in a while but I promise to keep it mostly crafty and/or fiber related.

(It'll still be two days 'fore we say we're sorry! - Sorry I just had too =P)


Alpaca Granny said...

You brought out all the mother/teacher instincts within me. I wish I could ease some of your fears and frustration.
Sending good energy your way.
♥ Maple

Colorado Knitter said...

Thank goodness he has the two of you! Sounds like he is surrounded by love now. We are here to guide the little people. I will never understand who would want to take advantage of that!