Thursday, March 20, 2008

This little yarn went to the market

Okay, so maybe these yarns aren't all that capable. I found myself moving in odd combination's and techniques that I normally wouldn't try but I really enjoyed myself while making these. (Some a lot less then others though.)

This is just a quick glance at what was accomplished earlier this week. I was hoping to get a few good pictures and offer them up on flickr or somewhere as a desktop wallpaper but I didn't care for the ones I took tonight. I'll get better, more preservable pictures though.

Some quick info, left to right:
-2 ply combo with 2 shades of orange and black alpaca roving (eww to the alpaca.... more on this in the future so please no hate mail =P) Approx 5.5 ozs, dense!
-2 ply using commercially dyed Ashford Merino Red, Louet Jade and generic wool bump yellow via Savannah. (No company or name given when purchased.) Approx 100yds
-single coil yarn in greens and pink, something blossom-y I think. It was supposed to be a textured 2 ply but it had a mind of its own. That's about 18 yards.

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