Monday, March 10, 2008

My combs, my precious combs!

So, I bent my combs last night. I was doing a bit of combing of some pretty Coopworth locks I have. My plan was to comb the locks loose and then blend them into a batt with some dyed roving. (Not professionally dyed, just someone destashing for some extra dough when I was just getting started spinning.) Unfortunately, I was rougher than I thought and bent the tines on my combs. =(

On the plus side the batts came out real pretty. About a year ago I tried to sell these combs becuase I had only used it once and had no real love for the locks. I figured I would tease and card for the amount of trouble I was getting into. Now that I've used them again for the 3rd time there will be no such sale. Mind you, I couldn't since I bent the tines but also because last night I had a nifty little time with them. Plus, now I have all kinds of neat noil-y bits to felt with in the future. It's great to rediscover the usefulness of things, isn't it?

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