Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The squeaky wheel gets the grease

I'm sure everyone knows the old saying but how often does it really apply to real life. Just yesterday I was highly annoyed by the terribly squeak on my spinning wheel. Since I have the old "Function before Form for Affordability" Babe Double Treadle Production I guess I just always assumed that was the way things were. Yesterday the squeak got louder and more annoying. So my husband, being the dear that he sometimes can be (Just Friday he and the boy cleaned the entire apartment while I was at work. Yay for family!) got on his butt and listened for the squeak. That's when it occurred to me for the first time that if I oiled the dang thing it might not squeak. So over to the tote of small craft type knick knacks and out comes the spinning oil. With this I precede to oil the metal bar on the flyer. Less squeak, little easier treadle. But lo and behold, seconds later... here it comes... squeak.... squeak.... squeak........... squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueakstop. This time I oiled the treadles using sewing machine oil. (And they say having multiple interests doesn't pay off.) Guess what? I struck gold. No squeak with plenty of treadling. The only real problem I have is that compared to the other wheels I have had the pleasure of trying, I have to treadle twice as hard to get the same result. That's why I told my husband it was time for an equipment upgrade ;P. That being said, I seem to be having trouble with this soysilk/wool blend that I purchased. I love the colors, love the feel and it spins like a dream but I seem to be completely overtwisting it. I plan to ply it, so it won't be so bad in the end but I cant help but wonder why I can't get the twist right. Usually when I try a new fiber it takes some adjusting but I can find that sweet spot. With this one, I'm lost. It's either the wheel or the fiber mix or both even. It's possible that having a wheel that requires a little extra work and using a blend that is unfamiliar to me is resulting is twisty bits. Still, I like the color though.

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Alpaca Granny said...

Very yummy colors!
Hmmmm. My wheel developed a squeak today too. Maybe they are protesting a long winter and want to do some outside spinning.