Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Red Sheep, Blue Sheep, One sheep, Two Sheep...

Okay, what about just brown sheep. I finally caved in and purchased the mill ends grab bag from The Sheep Shed Studio. I ordered on a weekend, received an email on the same weekend saying my package would ship on the following Monday. Parcel Post. Wait ... Wait ... Wai.... "Is my fiber here yet!" Thats me around Friday of last week. Make things worse, most of the time I have to have things shipped to my in-laws in the name of my husband. So then, I have to wait to pick up the fiber until I'm off from work. Luck me, I was on the way home and my husband was like "Do you want to start dinner and I will go make a fiber run?" "Sure... or, why don't we all go!" =D
So I stopped by the house picked up the family and we were off to pick up my goodies. (Always slowing me down those people! Just kidding! Seriously... yea, seriously....)

I order 4 pounds of the grab bag. I got lots of bits and bobs. Some red, black, brown, plenty of white and mohair (in white of course.) I've already picked out a piece or two to spin on tonight. You know, take it for a spin. =P

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