Monday, April 28, 2008

semi-productive weekends

Mix and Mingle

I always want to do more than I could possible manage in a weekend. I want to spin and dye and felt and sew and and and..... well I'm sure you get the picture. I still haven't gotten a new camera but I figure thats going to be a little while coming. I did manage to find some half used mini-CD's that I can take pictures with in the meantime.
So two weekends ago (maybe three) I spun up some natural colored roving in a thick and thin single. Then... I waited. No particular reason other than I had to pull it off the spinning wheel in sets of 100. I spun 12 ounces and I got 250 yards. However, this past weekend was nice and lazy. So I took my yarns (starting on Thursday, so not quite the weekend) and began to dye them. I'm still experimenting with color combinations. I find that what I think will be a terrible combination, or what I just don't plain like, turns out really nice.


Like this one that I call "Antique." This is a combination of brown gold and blue. It worked out very nicely and really makes me think of the old flea markets where you can get nostalgic memorabilia. Another surprise yarn was a bit of a family decision. I was pulling out colors and started with violet. When I asked for opinions, I thought turquoise would be nice. My husband agreed. My son interjects (in the way only an eight year old can) "Black!" "Mommy, did you hear me, I think black is a good color!." After assuring him that he had been heard, I decided to mix all the colors. And thats how I got "Mix and Mingle." (pictured top)

I also dyed the remaining mohair locks that I have. I chose yellow and turquoise because when they meet its a lovely shade of green. These are colors I like very much. When I get more locks, it will have to be skirted and washed. Since these weren't I have spent a lot of time and energy picking, washing and picking more little hay seeds and grass and bits from them. Much less noticeable when washed but still annoying to deal with.


All things given, it was a pretty good weekend. I'm hoping to get more done this upcoming weekend as well. I 'll have to see though as I will also be celebrating a 4 year wedding anniversary sans child. (Woohooo!.... oh, was I too excited there?)

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