Sunday, May 11, 2008

Road Trippin' part .....?

Yeah, so there is no way I'm going to keep track of my day trips of craftiness. I would but I want to pretend I go all sorts of wonderful places all the time so I'm not. That being said, yesterday I spent some time yesterday at Knitch in Atlanta.

We had been to Knitch before but it was probably over a year ago. That first trip was a bit lackluster for a spinning nut. But since then I received an email that stated they had opened the upper section of the store. While I'm not a fan of the narrow winding stairways, I decided to go back for the "expanded" fiber section. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got to the second floor. They had a nicely finished area with yarns on one side and plenty of fiber on the other. The great part was before I could get my bearings about me, MrFroggy had already pointed out the selection of glitz in the wall bins. Glitz, I wanted glitz! So we had to set a budget. Realistically there is no good budget to have when your in fiberlust but I managed to skirt under it. All told, I got 7 ozs black merino, a bag of fiber puffs from Pagewood Farm, and 6 - 1/2 ozs of glitz in red, pink, gold, cooper, green iridescent and blue iridescent. I feel all the richer for having made the purchases.

A couple of great little bonuses:

1: I meet a fellow Etsy seller, Megan. She works at Knitch (lucky lady) and has recently gotten the spinning bug. Plus she has like 20 yrs knitting experience.
2: I saw some awesome colors of roving inside Knitch that I wanted but wouldn't fit into my budget. Fortunately, the seller had a website.... unfortunately it doesn't appear to exist in a normal Google search. What does come up is the sellers Etsy store. (Darn that Etsy, its just to darn popular.) Gale's Art is an Etsy store run by a lady out of Stone Mountain, Georgia who dyes roving in Merino and BFL. She has standard colorways which is great since you can always go back for more.

(Of course this was an all-purpose family trip consisting of Japanese grocery stores, Oxford Comics on Piedmont Rd, Whole Foods, Borders etc.... but thats not what I write about. Overall, we did have an excellent family geek-out trip. Cause seriously, everyone in my family is a geek for one thing or another. Whether that be tiny Japanese candy box figurines, comics or spinning fiber supplies. The important thing was we all had fun together..... until the little one got sick on the way home. Still... overall it was fun!)

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