Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Want to Navajo Ply? Ask Rexenne

I was searching around the web one day, as I do most days when I get off from hell work and came across a conversation on Craftster's Spinning Board. (Perhaps I spend too much time on that site.) This particular conversation was about chained plying also known as Navajo plying. In otherwords, you take one single and make a 3 ply yarn from it. Now, this is not my strong point. I'm not know for plying my yarns and when I do it's a 2ply from a center pull ball more often than not. HOWEVER, I found a really good video on YouTube some weeks back that did a great job of explaining the process. Plus you get a slow motion replay to show you exactly what steps to take.

I want to work on doing some video tutorials in the future (re: fleece sorting) but for now I rely on those who come before me. I've heard many good things about Rexenne on the (now defunct) Spinning Fiber community via LiveJournal. I had just never taken the time to sit down and watch one of her YouTube videos. I'm certainly glad I did though.

So heres to all you spinners who are looking for some direction/assistance/refreshing on the art of Navajo Ply. Enjoy!

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