Monday, June 16, 2008

Carded Batts and Rebirth

I took a minute this weekend and listed some mohair locks in the store. It's the last of the locks that I had on hand but I feel fortunate in that I had spent the previous weekend dying up mill ends that would be better off carded. Sadly, I don't have pictures of those quite yet. I think I will try listing some on Etsy and see how it comes out. I'll be sure to post a picture before that though.
Now on the other hand, I have a picture of one of my carded batts for you to view. This batt is called "Rebirth".

On the left is the original batt made of wool fiber dyed in pink and grey, loaded with glitz. On the right is the new batt with fuchsia dyed wool, mohair, and alpaca, undyed carded bamboo, more glitz, sari silk along with the original dyed fibers and glitz. I had two of these batts but by the time I added all the additional goodies I ended up with four. So far I have carded 2 red batts, 2 yellow batts and a multicolor batt in addition to this with plenty more wool to go. I'll probably work on getting 2-4 carded a night and start listing some mid-week. Once I start listing some on Etsy I think I will get back to spinning up the plain handspun for Mix and Mingle yarns. All I've got to do is get a little schedule working. Some days its just very difficult with work, kid, husband and everything else. (On a bit of a positive note, we might be in a position to move from this crappy apartment. I mean basically the best chance we have is this one so keep your fingers crossed! Hopefully we will know a little more by the end of the week.)

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