Sunday, July 13, 2008

Starting off Right

This is the beginning of a new week. With each new week there is always a new challenge to undertake, a new obstacle to get through or a new opportunity to consider. The beginning of this week has bought about excellent things for me.

For instance, today was our monthly spinning group. I enjoy this immensely for multiple reasons. One being that we get to sit and talk fiber stuff with no odd looks. I'm sure anyone with a hobby knows the look I'm talking about. That's right the one were people look at you like "Do you ever stop talking about XYZ?" Well, NO as a matter of fact I do not, especially when I'm with a group of fellow spinners/fiber artists. That being established, another great thing about going to the spinning group is show and tell. Okay, no real telling just lots of oohing and ahhing. Then we spin, sometimes with knit, sometimes we just sit and talk.

So what makes this meeting so much more excellent then past meetings. Well, two things. First, I get to borrow another spinning wheel to see if I like it better than the Ashford Country. My main problem is that I like any wheel better than my Babe DT right now. That wheel has taken to squeaking all the time. I have oiled every part that I can think of in an attempt to make it stop or to lessen it. The best I can get is no squeaking but lots of creaking. I'M AT MY WITS END!
So today I got to borrow a Louet S51 spinning wheel. If I like it I can buy it from my fellow spinner. If not, I can buy the Ashford Country. (Really, the plan is to convince my husband to just let me buy both. They serve two different purposes and would be really useful.)

The second awesome thing about this meeting was a lot of free fleece. It was raw, it was sheared and it may not be the best but it was free. This is Jacob fleece from one of the spinner's neighbors. Apparently they have 30 odd sheep that they tend to (uncovered of course), so this is not your fiber quality sheep. I started to shy away from the fleece to start. I had purchased Jacob roving before and had a heck of a time with it. It felt rough, course, hard to draft... it was just the pits! So I gave the other half of it away. Fortunately, I got a good feel of the carded batt that my fellow spinner had bought with her and was sold on giving it another try. Now I have two fleeces to work with but my goal is to wait until we get moved. Then we will have a washer and dryer for clothes and of course the washer will double as a fleece washer. I've got great big crafting plans for that house. =D

Speaking of moving....
We went by the house today to see what changes had been made. Very little as it turns out but we did get the low down on the progress. If all things go well the fixes and improvements will be done by Thursday. The floors still have to be finished and there is some wood that is rotted that will need to be replaced but its all getting done by and by. We have also secured a refrigerator, stove, washer and potentially a dryer. All second hand but very workable. I got a taste of what moving was like all over again Saturday. After five years in this place I had really forgotten! We packed up TheBoy's bookself and it took up three good sized boxes. I was shocked. I mean, I was already thinking that I was picking up too many boxes from work but instead I have picked up less than a drop in a bucket of what I will need. I can tell that I'm not going to like this one bit. The good thing is that we have the flexibility to start moving our stuff in before the lease date starts. This makes the process a little more bearable since we don't have room in the apartment for packed up boxes. Ohhh... another little bonus.... my FIL bought a trailer to hitch to the back of his SUV so I'm thinking it will make moving less expensive since we won't have to rent a truck. (Thank goodness for that!)

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