Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yarn and Traveling

The weekend always goes by too fast for me. I spent the entire week at work being the only person processing cash for my department/division. I deserve a longer weekend dagnabit!

As weekends go this wasn't a bad one. It wasn't quite the excitement of last Sunday but it was definitely welcome to being at work this week. On the yarn front I finally finished that wool/soysilk blend I purchased a few months ago. It was a very long time coming in my opinion. I think what finally did it was the new wheel I get to borrow. I was able to fit the bobbin from my Babe unto the S51 and finish spinning my single. Then I took a Louet bobbin and plied the two singles together. I ended up putting the remaining single into a center pull ball and plying it onto the same skein as well. Hefty!

There were a few casualties though. I tangled a portion of the center pull ball and lost some yarn. It was almost 1/2 ozs worth of yarn. Fortnately, I was able to pull the tangled center portion out of the ball and salvage the remaining yarn to ply with. I really hadn't thought that the yarn was thin enough to tangle but it's certainly a lesson learned. I did end up with some knots in my yarn which I am not to pleased about. I try to make my plying work out without the use of knots but it wasn't happening this time. It's not much of a problem though. I am not selling this yarn, I intend to find a nice light/lacy pattern that will best utilize the finished yarn. (If you know of one send me a clue!)

The book in the picture is a recent purchase as well. It's one of my "To Do's" in the fiber world now that I will be moving into a house. We have this utility room which will serve as storage once everything is sorted out and it makes me feel much safer about trying natural dyed methods.

The other fun thing from this weekend was our spur of the moment trip to Knitch. We had traveled to Forsyth to take a look at a furniture liquidation store and some sofas. Then I convinced my husband (and son... though he didnt have much say so) that we should go into Atlanta and see if they had more of the black merino fiber from the last trip. Unfortunately they did not. Of course I didn't come away empty handed, not after driving in the car for that long. So I picked up some roving from Gale's Art called Rose Garden. I also got some Gaywool Dyes. It appears that since the last time I was there Knitch has decided to start offering some dyes. I think the price is more than I wanted to spend on dyes but it will be a good chance to try another brand. I only picked up two colors though so I will have to make sure to work them in as needed.

(Side Note: I opened up a poll on how often a blog should be updated. I'm doing a little market research and would really appreciate the input even if you just happened here by accident. Thanks!)

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