Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swap fiber and Llama

Who doesn't enjoy a little (relatively) free fiber? I know I do. I recently received a couple of new fiber items. First, I participated in a Craftster fiber of the month swap. I received two beautiful red, blue and sparkly batts from pmpknpunk aka UniquelyYoursDe sign on Etsy. I haven't spun these up yet but I am hoping to soon. The workers are almost finished with the house so my next few weeks will probably be spent packing and moving.

Next up, I received some raw llama fiber from ruledbyvenus. She was looking to unload some since she doesnt spin yet and so I inquired. All she wanted was a spindle and some fiber to include in another swap she was participating in. Lots of colors of llama. Some of it feels really soft like prime fiber and others feel like seconds. Some appear relatively clean others have obvious patches of grass. I'll add that to my Cheviot and Jacob fibers. Though I should probably add that to the llama fleece that I purchased a few years back with I started this.

I actually received about 6 gallon sized bags with different llama fibers or what I though was different fibers. Some of it is light brown and white, others have a nice reddish brown colors and some even have a dark brown color.

Either way, once we move my husband told me he will help clean all the raw fleeces so that they can be stored clean. What a good fellow.

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Uniquely Yours said...

Yay! Hope you enjoy the batts!!!