Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm getting a head!

No seriously I got a head. It's almost as good as the torso and butt form that I purchased not to long ago. I have a sleep study to attend to tonight so in order to maintain a state of awareness (i.e. I cant take a nap or have caffeine after 10 am and I'm stuggling) we went to a few places around town.
One of the places was Goodwill, where my husband (yes him again) spotted a head. Yep, my husband with the eagle eyes. Same man who spotted the torso and butt form at the flea market.
Since I will have to leave in just a few minutes I will keep it short. Here is a picture of the mannequin head as we bought her.

Here is a picture after my husband gave her a proper cut (and a pair of sunglasses.)

I'm debating painting in the hairline so its not so distracting but I'm afraid I would mess up a good deal. I almost didn't pick it up but at 1/6th the original price I couldn't say no. Seriously, I have to start making good use of these supplies.
My husband wants me to name her Lara cause he says with the sunglasses she reminds him of Lara Croft. I don't know about naming a second hand head though. What would you call her?

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