Sunday, August 3, 2008

Handspun, Corespun Yarn

I call this yarn Mossy. It was made from wool batts that I carded from various fibers dyed green. The fibers include coopworth, mohair, wool, and silk; carded with lots of glitz. I spun this on a DMX embroidery thread.

It was really frustrating at first. I just couldn't get the swing of it. Eventually I was able to get more of a rhythm and method for spinning and it went a bit easier. I haven't measured yardage yet but I wouldn't put it more than 100 yards if that. Just sort of a show and tell post. I needed to show off a little since my weekend got off to a pretty bad start.

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janice pea said...

My daughter recently sent me a link to

She found this picture of some of your dyed roving on the net and took with with her when she and her wedding planner met with the florist to choose the color scheme for the wedding! If you have any more of this colorway, or if you are planning to dye some more, I would love to get some. I would prefer yarn to roving, since I don't spin. And probably prefer lace or sock weight to heavier yarn.

What are the chances?

Thanks so much,

in Champaign, IL