Saturday, September 20, 2008

Celebrity Endorsements

From one frog to another; Here is my current desktop wallpaper:

* Disclaimer: Froggy Fibers does not know or have any direct affiliation with Sgt. Keroro Gunsou aka Sgt. Frog. This is neither a paid, coerced, or willing endorsement of Froggy Fibers. In fact, Sgt Keroro was just standing at attention when some crazy person snapped his picture and now its being posted all over the internet. Sgt. Keroro has stated the need for some litigation to prevent his cover from being exposed which would inevitably prevent him from following through on his plans to rule the world. Sergeant also wants it known that he has no intentions fibery or otherwise once his plans to take over the world are achieved. He will probably continue to vacuum floors and play with Gundam models.

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