Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, most people didn't even know that I was gone but that's alright. My family and I have made our colossal move from the apartment to our rental house. Yep, I am surrounded by tons and tons of boxes and boxes. Not much more to it really. We stalled after the first couple of days of unpacking. You just get so comfortable moving around the mess and your so tired after having shifted it all from the old place to the new one. Plus, last night we finally got internet reconnected. Oh how I have missed my computer. (I know sad, right)

One of the fun parts of moving is how parents really come together and try to help. I mean, not my husbands parent and my parents coming together, just each set of parents doing what they can to help. Mom and Dad came down and got bug spray and cleaner and helped get those things sorted. My FIL/MIL (who paid for the supplies used to fix up the house) bought a stove and a fridge for the house. Huge fridge and badly needed. We had been staying here almost a full week without one. Who woulda thunk it could be so hard to do.

Anyway, just wanted to let people out in bloggy blog land know I was here.

Sweet Bonus, my mom decided to downsize and bought down her large fabric haul. Hubby and I played "Find the tackiest/gaudiest fabric scraps from the 80's or before." I'll have to take pictures of the winner.

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