Sunday, September 7, 2008

Taking a break between the madness

Granted this little break has stretched about 3-4 days but after all that moving I really was starting to tense up. So, as a little stress relaxer and treat (once I made it past the frustrating part) I finished spinning the roving I purchased from Julie Spins. Now I am attempting to free hand knit my first hat on a pair of circular needles. That's right, no pattern. I am just armed with my basic skills of knit and purl. I laugh in the face of common sense! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay, now that I have gotten past the madness I will get to the specifics. The first picture is the finished yarn spun into a 2 ply. I didn't bother to set the twist because I wanted to start knitting before I changed my mind.

Ohh, and this second picture is me daring to attempt a little pattern, some ribbing even.

Finally, here is my new craft area. Craft area and other stuff at the moment as we are still surrounded by packed boxes. Besides this is more like a storage area for the crafts I have. I just have to deconstruct, pick something out of a storage bin and take it in to another room to spin or knit or crochet. Yep, its much much (much) smaller than the space I was occupying at the apartment but its probably for the best at the moment anyway. Still, having a yard is a fringe benefit of renting this house that I'm totally going to take advantage of. (i.e. - Dyeing and Drying!)

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