Tuesday, October 7, 2008

couple of shaved rats

At least that is what these "cleaned" fleeces look like to me. I gave them a go to the washer machine treatment. It was the first time that I ever used a washing machine to clean fleece as this is the first time that I have had access to my own washing machine. You may recall that this is my free fleece from a fellow spinner. I don't have high expectations for it so far. I pulled a little out and hand carded it.

The fiber feels fairly soft but still, this is dirty, nasty stuff. Still, I am really thinking this was not the best idea. I once purchased Jacob roving that was professionally processed and it felt like the most horrible thing I had ever spun. Since I am already predisposed to disliking this fiber I may be looking at an uphill battle.


Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

Hello, I was wondering if these fleeces were skirted first? Sometimes that helps, too. Good luck. You can always needlefelt them once they've been carded clean, right? LOL

Froggy said...

No, these were sheared and put in bags. My husband and I sat on the front porch with the ones we washed and tried to skirt it. The brown one is about half of what we picked up because there are so many burrs in it. I think that the white may not have cleaned real well because of having folded in on itself.
It is funny you should mention needlefelting though. That's exactly what I thought of using it for while it was drying. I need to learn to do 3D pieces so I think this will be perfect to practice with.