Monday, October 27, 2008

life happens....

or so we are told.

I'm posting short and sweet tonight. The spinning demo went well. It turns out it wasn't at the Sweetwater Festival but at the Allied Arts building across the street. There was a mix of traditional arts being performed for the passerbys. I did spinning, my friend did pine needle baskets. Goodness those things are time consuming! I also saw a wood turner, blacksmith and white oak basket weaving.

I loved being out there. The people were so very friendly and it took my mind off the car accident my family and I were in. No one was hurt, just a few sprains between me and TheBoy, but it was just last Thursday and it already seems like it was forever ago. Looking on the plus side, we are renting this neat candy apple red Chevy HHR. I even got to use cruise control! I have always wanted cruise control.

Anyway, as you can imagine this comes at a crap time. We were almost caught up on the bills from moving and Christmas is right around the corner. TheMister and I had pretty decent plans for TheBoy but now we just have to wait and see how everything shakes out. *sighs* I'm not always the greatest at patience.

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