Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I think I can I think I can!

So I have been practicing pictures with the new camera. (It's a Fuji FinePix J12) and I have decided I am not in love with it. Not yet anyway. I always felt like I got a good clear picture no matter how or where it was shot with the Sony. A few times it was too dark or not enough extra light but that was okay. A quick trip to the GIMP made it all right. Now I will have to work at my pictures. Catch my sunny days, remember to watch what area is in focus and fiddle fiddle fiddle.
On a good note, I think I got a good picture or two the last few days, some inside and some out. Like this one:
This is an indoor picture. Its not bad (compared to other pictures that are now deleted) but its also not what I am used to in picture taking. Actually, this looks a little fuzzy on my screen because we are having font issues with the computer but in the photo editor it was a clear picture with decent lighting.

This photo is also not bad... not good but not bad:
This one was taken outdoors while shading it from the sun. I have a horrible time with the sun washing out the color from my items and I have to combat it with a solid shadow. Which you will note I didnt get in this picture. Still, its nice use of the macro and the picture came out clear on the photo editor. Sadly, they didnt look as good on the viewer. So overall, huge learning curve for me. That makes me a little sad though because I really want start stocking the Artfire shop but my available items dont have pictures taken. =(

Speaking of ArtFire.... If anyone is interested in signing up for the limited time $7 dollars per month deal click this link --> Register on Its a great little up and coming site and if you are a regular lister on Etsy $7 dollars is a steal. No other transaction fees. Plus, they are wanting to be a conscientous crafter and encouraging people to go green. That's not just a mantra, they plan to plant a tree for the first million members. So go on, browse around and sign up for this sweet deal before its to late. You know you want the extra exposure. ;D ( I wont say anything else about it this post.... See.)


kim* said...

the colors are SO intensely rich!

The Hatdiva said...

Fujifilm cameras are pretty much bunk. I love my old Fujifilm A500. The new Finepix S1000fd is crap. Lighting,color, a nightmare. I'm going to save for a Canon Powershot.