Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blankets, Cookies and Cards

Whew! That baby blanket was one UFO that was quickly becoming a PITA. (uhh, use your imagination.) Now that I have finished that little project I can go back to working on other things, like blog posts. Unfortunately, part two of the war of acronyms will have to continue some time this weekend. Only because the rest of the night and tomorrow is preparing for our son's birthday party on Saturday. Preparing really means unpacking the boxes that stayed in the corner for the last three months because they should have never made it to the house. Plus we have to buy all the party goods tomorrow when I get off from work. Fun Fun Fun!

So on to more fiber related news. Here is the blanket all wet down and blocked to rectangular. I'm a little afraid it will be too small for a baby.

Here's hoping the baby is not ginormous. When I crochet blankets that is usually about how big they turn out. Its probably just nervousness over the size of the knit project.

Now, in non-fiber related news:
I denied my sweet tooth 24 hours of the best peanut butter cookies I have had in a while. I did it all so that I could take pictures for this post. See, just about two weeks ago I got a taste for peanut butter cookies. The only problem is that it couldn't be just any old peanut butter cookie, it had to be that peanut butter cookie. I wanted a cookie with peanuts and big chunks of peanut butter morsels. I wasnt looking for macadamia nuts or those tiny tollhouse morsels and I certainly wasnt looking to bake for myself. (It's been a long time and we have a heater for a stove at the moment.)
Imagine my surprise when I meet Just Bakin' in the Etsy chat room. In the past I never seriously considered buying food from Etsy sellers. Nothing against the sellers but getting my food in the mail was not appealing. The only other item that tempted me was a caramel apple cheesecake but it was local pickup only and I don't live in Alabama.
So I started up a conversation in the chat room asking all the questions. What do you know, this seller can make cookies to custom. Better yet, she made them to my specifications and that makes me extremely happy. I was so happy that even though my husband and I were about to head out to rum errands Wednesday, when the mailman showed up I had to wait. I saw him scanning the package and I didnt want my cookies sitting in no leaky mailbox. Well it turns out he was taking it to the front door. (Now mind you, he watched us come out the door but on his way back out he says... "Oh, y'all live here?" Idiot.)
The presentation on the package was outstanding and she even threw in a sample of chocolate chip cookies. I like the cookies best when they are heated for about 10 seconds but they were definitely good either way.

Last but not least in my guilty indulgences. Really guilty indulgences. Since I don't have money to spend on Etsy it is amazing for me to make two purchases in one weeks time. My second purchase was from hdawnparratt.
This was totally another chat inspired purchase which may only prove to my husband that I am wasting time AND money in the chat rooms. The sea otter card was too adorable and the frog card was the icing on the handmade card cake. The inside is blank but I have no intention of mailing these. I want to find a complementary frame or matboard and hang it on the wall.

So, that's it for the night. I finished the blanket, I bought some goods that I loved and I have a birthday party to prep for this weekend. (Which is scary since it will be the first time my parents and my husbands parents have meet in a nonformal setting. In fact, his mom was the only one at the wedding so it will be the first time his dad has meet either of my parents. Yea, this is getting scary....)

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