Tuesday, December 2, 2008

UFO's versus WIP (Part 1)

So a question came to mind and I decided that I wanted to explore the difference between Unfinished Objects (UFO's) and Works in Progress (WIP.) Sorry my alien geek friends, this is totally a crafting post.

So the first thing I did was Google "UFO versus WIP" which had a surprising amount of entries.... only five of which were not omitted due to repetition. Also because I used quotes, none of them had anything to do with an Unidentified Flying Object. Though I often think that is what my UFO's will become as I fling them across the room instead of working on them. So I was thinking before giving my very objective and yet incredibly subjective opinion on this I would go with the technical aspect first. (This is for our none knitting friends, its like having the IT guy explain the inside of a computer.)

First is the WIP. WIP stands for Work in Progress. I have no knowledge of a predetermined definition for this so I will make one up. A Work in Progress (WIP, must remember our acronyms they come in handy later) is a project that is being worked on at a steady pace during the current point in time. I didn't want to exclude other artists or crafters so that is the general description.
For knitters (and crocheters) a work in progress is that arm wrist, sweater, pajama pants, baby blanket or tunic vest that is currently on the needles/hooks. Yes there can be, and most often are more than one WIP. For the multitasker in all of us that's not usually a problem. (Unless your me and be happy your not.)

However, there is a very important part missing that makes this a Work IN PROGRESS. That project on the needles has to be making a forward motion toward completion at a steady pace and during the current point in time. Simply put, next week that vest or sweater or hat really should be a bit more complete then it was at this exact moment. Even if its only a row, its a little more done and closer to making you or someone else extremely happy. That is current point in time. Now when you have made another row by the week after next, then you are setting a steady pace.

But wait, I am not unreasonable. I know that sometimes a yarn just calls out and you have to put aside that project that you were working on. The project is so great and so gratifying that you find that you have completed the whole thing without working on your lonely ol' hat. Perhaps you knit or crochet for a living and your suddenly bombarded with a rush of orders for Warm Fuzzy Christmas gifts and its several weeks (3-4 not 52) before you have a chance to even look in the direction of that lonely ol' project... hat... blanket... whatever. Does that suddenly mean that the project has slipped into the despair of an unfinished object?

Of course not, we're flexible people and this is subjective. Remember?

Speaking of WIP.. this post is about to become a two parter so I can work on a certain baby blanket. So tomorrow, or later on tonight "Part 2: UFO's - It's a funny thing really." Oh, and to break up the post a bit I included some pictures of some old WIP's or in progress shots.
So, come back okay?

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